Building solution for a complex problem is what we enjoy the most. Our tailor made development projects empower us to expand our boundaries and build mature solution that work well.

Develop solution to fulfill your custom requirement

Same as human, businesses are also different from each other. So many businesses require custom treatment. Do you need custom development for an important business problem? Our team can write custom application to meet your unique requirements.

Manage and maintain website and content like a pro

Do you need to manage and update content frequently? Do you need a solution where more people contribute to the content? Are you looking to use out of the box, open source content manage system? Our team can fulfill your requirement using various out of the box CMS such as; WordPress, Drupal, Joomla & Typo3.

Sell online with out of the box e-commerce application

Selling online is basic need to businesses around the world. We not only have experience with Magento based out of the box e-commerce solution, but also developing multi-lingual, multi-currency and multi stores e-commerce website.

Make your site look stunning on any screen size

Internet is not limited to only web. Use of mobile and tablet is increasing swiftly. Websites must allow content available to mobile users. We internally work together to implement responsive design with an efficient responsive framework. Customized mobile theme development is also one of the alternatives to responsive design to deliver mobile specific content.

Integrate the power of pre-existing tools

Use popular services like Mail Chimp, ZenDesk, Zoomp Chat, ShareThis etc… to interact with customers and track their behavior. We can leverage existing API and build new ones to connect third-party systems and extend the power of your site.

Integrate your website to Facebook, Twitter, or a number of other social networks

Our development team has been integrating web site with social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for many years. We know that it’s important for users to be able to quickly share content that they like and for businesses to be adoptive to that kind of marketing.

Convert your site into different languages

The businesses are not limited to single country. Web content must be delivered in multiple languages. Our team has implemented many multi-lingual sites. We leverage a host of multi-lingual tools / modules that allow site admins to easily translate content and deliver different translations to different region.

Content or site migration from your old site to new one

We are experienced in migrating content or any other assets from old site to new one. Our expert team can also write the script to automate the task. Do you have a website which needs any upgrades or updates to be performed? Do you need to migrate from one version to another? Leave all your worries on us; our team will fulfill your needs.

Attract target audience and increase the traffic

Integrating analytic tool, we can help you track the visitor pattern and various matrices. Quality Search optimization technique on page and off page will drive quality visitor to your website.

Website should not only look good, it should also perform well

Page load time is critical to visitor retention. Many website visitors will leave the page, if it’s not loaded in 3-4 seconds. Attracting user on your site is very important but, making them stay on your website is equally important to ensuring that they interact with web site content and translate your calls to action to reality.

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